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1. Cabs in Hyderabad-Yellow Cabs in Hyderabad provide best and cheapest taxi in hyderabad.we maintain Well groomed and disciplined drivers with uniforms.
2. Yellow Cabs Hyderabad has observed that during certain times of the day, when more traffic is on road, routine drivers tend to log out of the system to suit their convenience as there is no incentive for them to put an extra effort. Similarly, when demand suddenly increases, not enough drivers might be available on the road. Customers might be inconvenienced by not being able to find cabs during such times.
3.Alcoholic beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited. Be respectful of your driver's wishes as it is their office you're sitting in.
4. We place a small file known as a "cookie" on your computer's hard drive. A cookie may contain information that allows us to track your path through our Site and to determine whether you have visited us before. However, unless you register with us, it contains no personally identifiable information that would allow us to identify you. Cookies cannot be used to read data off of your hard drive, and cannot retrieve information from any other cookies created by other Web sites. .
5. Cabs/Taxi in good condition with first-aid box, news papers etc.Complete Customer satisfaction service.
6. Yellow Cabs in Hyderabad proud to be one of the provide Cheap & Best Call Taxi Service in Hyderabad.
7. Yellow Cabs in Hyderabad provide you a secure & comfortable drive in vehicles.
8. it is a 9+ years old relationship with Hyderabad Cab users.
9. We have realized that our customers are most valuable patron.
10. To settle anything less than an hour please contact our customer support desk.
11.Our service does not stop once you book the cab.
12.The Customer Relation Executive at the call center handles all logistic issues, which are looked into and acted on promptly.
13.We are a strictly on-demand service and driver-partners will wait up to 10 minutes. This helps ensure partner economics are justified and helps get more people around Hyderabad city.